Hanging out with Coconut

You may remember Coconut from a previous time I stayed with him and his older brother Buddy. Unfortunately, Buddy has since passed and Coconut is left on his own with his human family. He seems to be doing pretty good and is hardly spoiled at all. 🙂 He is so cute, it would be hard to not spoil him.

Coconut is a happy little guy who loves his walks, lying in the sun and lots of attention. We went for 2 or 3 walks every day and sometimes I let him decide where to go, while other times I chose the route. He was happy either way, since he had lots of places where he could mark spots to show where he had been. Every blade of grass had to be inspected for other dog marks and he had to cover every one he found. Of course, there were trees and fence posts to leave his scent also. Half way through the walk, he hardly had even a tiny part of a drop to give, but he still managed.

We will just move along to the photos now, since many people just look at them anyway.

Funny story on the bunnies. Coconut chases these guys – who are pretty close to the same size he is, but bunnies can move much quicker. They also have no problem squeezing under the fence to get away when they want to. One day there were 2 of them and they didn’t want to leave, so they took turns racing around the yard with Coconut hot on the heals of one, when the other would step in and take over and Coconut would chase him. The bunnies finally got tired of this game and disappeared.

I think I just got that “PUT THE CAMERA AWAY” look.

But – I didn’t put the camera away. 🙂

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