Back to the English Garden with my Camera

I will warn you in advance that the pictures are not great and I obviously need more practice on moving birds, but I did diversify a bit, so the ones other than birds aren’t too hard to look at.

DSCN0585 (800x599)
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female or young one, since it’s throat is white)
DSCN0588 (800x605)
Wasp on a flower
DSCN0589 (800x461)
Shy Hummingbird
DSCN0593 (718x800)
Nuthatch (I think)
DSCN0597 (800x600)
Hummingbird – turned it’s back on me.
DSCN0598 (800x600)
Not sure and haven’t checked my bird book yet.
DSCN0600 (800x600)
Kind of a neat looking flower and interesting looking leaves.
DSCN0601 (600x800)
Another interesting looking flower.
DSCN0604 (800x600)
White butterfly.


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