Beautiful Day for a Walk at Fort Whyte Alive

After a wet and chilly morning, the sun came out and I decided to head to Fort Whyte Alive for a walk.  We are moving into autumn weather and the nights are getting cooler, so problems with insects are all but gone and the walk was pleasant.

DSCN0609 (800x600)
The view through my window this morning with lots of raindrops covering it
DSCN0611 (800x600)
Mallard Ducks
DSCN0618 (800x516)
Mallard Ducks
DSCN0619 (800x330)
Mallard Ducks synchronized swimming
DSCN0621 (800x517)
Northern Shoveler
DSCN0622 (800x600)
Canada Geese
DSCN0627 (800x724)
Mallard Duck
DSCN0631 (800x769)
Mallard Duck
DSCN0634 (800x600)
more Mallard Ducks
DSCN0637 (800x439)
Mallard Ducks
DSCN0638 (800x578)
Mallard Ducks

If you were to guess that there were a lot of Mallard Ducks around, you’d be right.  They are the most common duck in the area and I am not posting all the ones I took of them.

DSCN0645 (800x555)
I believe both these pictures are of a Yellow-rumped Warbler, who allowed me to take a few pictures until I finally managed these 2.  The other pictures are ok too, but these ones show the yellow rump best.

DSCN0646 (800x600)

DSCN0649 (600x800)
This was probably made by one of the summer daycamp groups in the forest
DSCN0651 (800x760)
Mallard Duck
DSCN0655 (800x600)
My favourite little pond has been very dry all summer, but hopefully next year it will have water again
DSCN0658 (800x495)
This little grasshopper stayed still for a picture
DSCN0660 (800x480)
One of the youngsters in the Bison herd
DSCN0670 (800x600)
DSCN0676 (800x400)
DSCN0675 (800x400)
Canada Geese
DSCN0681 (800x600)
Canada Goose

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading north to Riding Mountain National Park, so expect some posts from there after I get back at the end of the week.