Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 1, part 1

Every once in awhile I just have to get out of the city and spend some time in nature.  I planned a 3 night getaway in Riding Mountain National Park and on Monday, that is where I headed.   I decided to stay at a bed & breakfast on this trip, which is just south of Onanole outside the south entrance to the park.

DSCN0895 (800x409)DSCN0896 (800x520)

This building used to be the Clear Lake Lodge and was moved here to become the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast.  It sits on top of a hill, away from all the hustle and bustle of a busy park location.  Each room is unique and varies in size according to what you want or need in a room.  There is a television room for people who can’t live without watching television and there is free wifi for anyone (including me) who needs an internet connection.  There is also a small refrigerator in each room.

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DSCN0780 (800x327)
view from my window

I had room #9, which is just a single room and I had an east facing view, where I could have watched the sunrise each morning, if I had been in my room.  I was out bright and early every morning to find critters and sunrise pictures over a lake though.  On my last morning, I decided to sleep in and stay for breakfast before heading out into the world and back home again.

Cindy and her family live here, but Cindy is the one looking after the running of this business. Anne is the chef for many the morning breakfasts and each person has their meal individually prepared.   It was certainly a wonderful breakfast and got me to thinking that next time I stay there, I will still head out before sunrise, but will return before 10:00 am and have breakfast before going back out.

Most days were broken in 2 drives for me.  First thing in the morning for sunrise, scenic  and critter pictures, until early afternoon.  Then back to my room (or the deck) to empty the camera contents onto my laptop and just relax for awhile.   In the late afternoon I would head back out for whatever I could find to photograph and and would stay out until after sunset.

I am not used to the friendly nature of a bed & breakfast facility and it always surprised me when the door was opened by either Anne or Cindy as I walked up the steps.  Even if she wasn’t fast enough to open the door, Cindy always greeted me as I walked in.  I realize that it makes sense for her to check to see who is coming in the door, because this is her home and business.  She would not want someone she didn’t know walking in and wandering around.

I plan on staying there again.