A Stroll in Assiniboine Park

The temperature wasn’t much over 0C this morning, but the sun was shining and I grabbed my camera and headed out. Now that I am back in my apartment, the temperature is at 13C – so not bad, and the sun helps too.

As I strolled along an asphalt path in the woods along the Assiniboine River in the park, I noticed a mud trail leading off, and of course – I followed it instead of the main path. My immediate thought was that this mud trail is the old Monkey Trails that we rode our bikes on many, many years ago. As kids we often rode our bikes here and we stayed off the roads wherever possible and rode on these trails. I don’t know why they were called Monkey Trails for sure – but they were (& still are) up & down and around, which made them fun to ride. It was here that I started taking photos today.

The path then took me to the English & Leo Mol Gardens – so I wandered around there for awhile. I was surprised to see some of the flowers still looking good.

After leaving the gardens, I walked around the Duck Pond before heading back the trails and back to my car. I love how the Canada Goose stuck his head up in front of the Mallard Ducks I was focused on, just as I snapped.

The Canada Geese were coming into the pond for a landing at the same time as the West Jet plane was passing nearby on its way to land at the airport – so I managed to get a shot of some of each.