Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

I let you know last blog that I was packing and getting ready for one more move. It has been a few years since I have felt at home after selling my house and making the first move. This is the fourth move for me in about as many years – but this new apartment feels like home and I don’t plan on moving again.

The move itself went ‘mostly’ ok except for a coupe of bumps:

1 – The movers were about 45 minutes late after one of the workers had an accident and they had to call another one into work. Luckily, there wasn’t another move right after mine, so we didn’t have to fight over the elevator.

2 – We were at the new apartment when I realized that I hadn’t seen them load my freezer. They finished unloading what they had in the truck and went back to get it. This added time and money to the move, but everything made it to my new home.

The new apartment is in a quiet residential neighbourhood. I have a balcony that is large enough for my flowers and a couple of chairs & table, so I can sit outside to enjoy the days. I just need to purchase a chair or 2 & table. The suite itself is quite a bit larger than my last one, which means I can walk in between furniture and can actually see some of the floor. The last suite was very, very small.

This living room is larger than my living room + dining room together at the last apartment.

There are still a few things to do yet – but I’ve got lots of time to arrange and re-arrange as I like. I’m home!

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