A Walk and Some Salmon

It was raining in the morning, but when the rain stopped, I headed out for my walk. It has been several days since I’ve been to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve – so that is where I went.

Mallard Ducks
They were moving and splashing and it was so fun to watch them.
I noticed the green on this guy and zoomed in to see if it had any number or dates on it.
When I zoomed, I saw it had 2 tags, but did not see any information on it. I wondered if I should (or could) notify someone of the tags, but looking online, it says that if you have a license and catch a Salmon, it must be reported. Nothing required or even suggested for just seeing one.

Until recently, I had always lived in Manitoba and there are no Salmon in the lakes, rivers or streams in Manitoba. There are fish in the lakes & rivers, but Manitoba is too far from the oceans for Salmon.

I was fascinated watching them – but photos were difficult to get due to the constant movement. I took a short video to show more.

Salmon eggs are laid in streams & rivers. When they hatch, they live for some time (a few months to a few years) in the streams. As they grow, they journey from their fresh water streams towards the oceans, where they live most of their adult life. When it is time for them to breed, they swim back to the same streams or rivers where they originally hatched. At that point, they breed and lay eggs, just before dying.

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