Chilliwack Summer Ends

In Chilliwack, the summers are warm and partly cloudy and the winters are very cold, wet, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 1 °C to 26 °C and is rarely below -6 °C or above 32 °C.

Whoever wrote the above has no idea what “very cold” means. I found it on Chilliwack Climate. I will happily take that -6C and enjoy it thoroughly. The daily (or almost daily) rain in the autumn, winter & spring will get a bit annoying, but temperatures in Winnipeg that reached -40C some days were actually dangerous more than annoying. The rains are late in arriving this year as they often start in September – but this year it is the end of October.

I have just ordered myself a rain jacket, and once that arrives, I’ll be out walking in the rain wearing my jacket and my rubber boots. I’m not sure about taking my camera out with me in the rain, but it will be nice to walk through puddles instead of snowbanks. 🙂

Yesterday, it rained in the morning and it rained in the evening, but most of the day it was very pleasant for walking and that is what I did. I headed over to the Vedder River Trail and since I haven’t been to the main parking spot there in awhile, so I decided that is where I was going to go.

I just got started on the walk and was chatting with a couple of women when one of them spotted a fish on the rocks across the river.

In all my walks, I had only seen one fish that had been caught before and I didn’t manage to get a photo of it. On this day though, a lot of people were catching fish.

I asked one fisherman if he had any luck and he said he caught 3 and was just heading home. Another man told me he had 2 as he was climbing up the bank.

There were actually 3 people – each with fish on their lines at the same time when I took the above photo. Two of them got their fish in and I think the 3rd one got away. I don’t know which was which by the time it all ended though. So – this fish might have been the lucky one.

A Crow having a bath
The views are changing as the leaves start to turn.

This is such a nice trail to walk on. As well as people walking (many with dogs), there are people running or riding bikes or pushing strollers. The path is well maintained and is good for everyone. The Vedder River is almost always in sight.

A flock of Gulls were gathering in one spot, so they must have spotted something that looked tasty.

One last fisherman heading back home with his catch – as I was on my way out also.

2 thoughts on “Chilliwack Summer Ends

  1. No wonder you’re loggins so many Walking 4 Fun miles, Mavis! Looks like an interesting place to be. And compared to Winnipeg? Positively tropical!

    I’ve started back on the trail as best I can, still trying to get Mom into a good place and my mother-in-law as happy as she can be. Stay well out there! Cheers. Tim George/Stumblebum


  2. Glad you’re still finding time to get some miles logged Tim. I understand about your Mom. It wasn’t too long ago that we had to find a place for my Mom to live. Unfortunately it was during COVID and wasn’t easy. She did get to spend her last days with her best friend who was also in care at that time though.


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