Assiniboine Park Zoo – July

Yesterday I went to the Assiniboine Park Zoo, to put on some miles on my FitBit and to check up on the critters.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures and most of the ones I did take were different than my usual ones – except that I got one of a Polar Bear playing in the water. There were 2 bears playing, but movement was quick and the bright sun was shining above, so pictures didn’t turn out great.

Butterfly on a Flower inside the Butterfly Garden

Butterfly on a Flower inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

Visitor inside the Butterfly Garden

Visitor inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

Flowers inside the Butterfly Garden

3 Butterflies in 1Picture - but I didn't see the Black & Blue ones until I looked at the picture.

3 Butterflies in 1Picture – but I didn’t see the Black & Blue ones until I looked at the picture.

Inside Toucan Ridge

Inside Toucan Ridge

My Polar Bear Picture

My Polar Bear Picture

Birds in the Kinsman Discovery Centre

Birds in the Kinsman Discovery Centre



There were lots of butterflies yesterday – but most were very uncooperative about posing for the camera.  I was actually trying to get some flying in most of the flower pictures, but they always managed to fly outside the picture just as I snapped.  It was just one of those days.

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I Got Lost

I decided to tackle the 3km path from St. Anne’s Rd to St. Mary’s Rd yesterday.  Of course, there is the .7 km to get to the path and there is the return trip too.

I didn’t end up going all the way to St. Mary’s Rd though.  It was a nice enough path, but it was just an asphalt path through grassy areas – nothing very exciting.

When I got to Dakota Street, I decided to turn off and take a different route back home.  I followed Dakota until I got to John Forsyth Rd since I figured it would be heading back to St. Annes Rd.

As I am walking along I am amazed at the huge green-space beside the schools I saw.  There is enough green-space to have football field, soccer field, baseball field and huge playgrounds as well as just large grass open areas.   I past 2 different schools and both had all this grass.

John Forsyth Rd is a nice residential area and I was enjoying looking at the homes as I was walking.  The street had a lot of turns in it, so I was never sure which way I was going, but felt I was still heading for St. Anne’s Rd.  Suddenly I came to a dead end with construction going on as new home were being built right where the road should be.  Most of the roads going off this street were little bays or just turnarounds to I had to backtrack my steps for a few blocks before I came to a through street.

The sign for this street was Aldgate – but I thought Aldgate went the same way as John Forsyth and it comes out on St. Anne’s Rd very close to my apartment.  The street I was on, was not John Forsyth as it had changed to Ravensden Dr at Aldgate.  Guess I’ll have to start looking at street signs when I go for walks.

Then I wasn’t sure which way to go, since I was obviously turned around due to the curves on John Forsyth Rd.

I did manage to pick the right way and at that point, I was almost home. :)

So – google maps tells me that the first part of the walk to Dakota was 2 km and the 2nd part on the way home was 2.2 km (not taking my detour into account).  I would guess the total to be a 3 km walk though.  I didn’t manage to catch the entire detour in my picture.

2016-07-18 July 18 002 (800x600)

Starting point as I went out the door.

2016-07-18 July 18 007 (800x600)

Just have to cross the street and I’ll be on the trail.

2016-07-18 July 18 008 (800x600)

2016-07-18 July 18 009 (800x600)

Start of the trail

2016-07-18 July 18 010 (800x600) 2016-07-18 July 18 013 (800x600)

2016-07-18 July 18 015

First large school field

2016-07-18 July 18 022 (800x600)

This is Dakota, where I turned off the trail and headed south.

2016-07-18 July 18 024 (800x600)

Walking along Dakota

2016-07-18 July 18 029 (800x600)

Second large school green with piles of dirt – not sure why that was dumped here



2016-07-18 July 18 032 (800x600)

The sidewalk ended every couple of blocks for these driveways with private access to the home driveways.

2016-07-18 July 18 034 (800x600)

Oh oh – sidewalk ends on both side of the street and the only vehicle that I saw drive down there made a u-turn and came back out.

2016-07-18 July 18 035 (800x600)

Looks like time to turn around

Back on track

Back on track

2016-07-18 July 18 037 (800x600)

Home again

My route traced in yellow

My route traced in yellow.  The yellow that goes off the map is part of my detour.

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There suddenly seem to be a lot of new puppies in my complex, so I am getting quite a few puppy kisses.

They aren’t all new though – and there are still quite a few dogs here that I’ll have to get to know.

First I met Bamboo, who is a little Shihtzu.  Bamboo is an adult dog.

Next was Atticus, who looks like a lab, but not sure about his colour.  I’ll have to ask next time I see him.  He is the biggest & oldest puppy at 12 weeks now.

Next is Patches, and she is a 7 week old Australian Shepherd.

And this afternoon I met Finnigan, and she is a 6 1/2 week old Weimaraner.

I haven’t taken pictures of these adorable little guys yet but I’m sure I will one day.

I had been a bit worried about Atticus because for a week after they first got him, I saw him with his mom or dad several times a day.  Then one day I heard him crying in their suite for quite awhile and after that nothing for several days.  I didn’t see them or him and I didn’t hear anything in the apartment, so I was worried that something happened.  But yesterday I saw him again and all is fine.  He grew in those days and was very happy to see me too.

Patches and Finnigan have only been here for a day or 2.

It is not the same as having my own dog, but these dogs and puppies will have to do.

Angie and Casey (584x800)

Just so I have a picture, here is my daughter Angie (taken a few years ago) and Casey, who was a Nova  Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

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Back to the Gravel Road

After breakfast at the Red Top, a quick visit to the house and some grocery shopping, I decided to find out exactly where the Seine River trail met the gravel road.  It seems I was right when I decided the spot was just before the bridge because that is where it is.

As promised, I had my camera with me and I traveled that road again after following the wet and muddy trail to it.  Well, the trail was only wet and muddy from my complex to the trail itself – but it was wet and muddy enough that I did this walk with wet feet.

Here is where the trail meets the gravel road.

2016-07-16 July 16 025 (800x590)

That is pretty obvious looking and something I certainly should have noticed on my first walk. :)

Looking back after crossing the bridge

Looking back after crossing the bridge

Looking back after turning the first bend

Looking back after turning the first bend

Same spot as the last picture, but looking ahead.

Same spot as the last picture, but looking ahead.

2016-07-16 July 16 003 (800x584)

2016-07-16 July 16 005 (800x600)

A typical farmhouse in the above 2 pictures – shown at a distance and then fairly closeup.

2016-07-16 July 16 004 (800x581)

Much newer and more modern house and closer to the road than the rest of the houses here.

And then I saw her – a long way away, so I was glad I had my nice zoom.  Pictures not extremely clear, but hand held with lots of zoom.

2016-07-16 July 16 006 (800x599)2016-07-16 July 16 007 (800x599)

2016-07-16 July 16 008 (800x594)

She seems to be sticking her tongue out at me in the last picture, which was just before she turned and disappeared in the long grass.

2016-07-16 July 16 009 (800x600)

Typical private driveway

2016-07-16 July 16 011 (800x600)

Ditch full of grasses and wild flowers.

2016-07-16 July 16 012 (800x575)

Another private driveway

2016-07-16 July 16 013 (800x575)

The end of the road – this is the sign in the background of the first deer picture.

2016-07-16 July 16 014 (800x749)

Well – an intersection!  Should I explore further?

Its a long road - doesn't look like a long and winding road though.

Its a long road – doesn’t look like a long and winding road though.

2016-07-16 July 16 016 (800x599)

Deer Tracks

Deer Tracks

Another road to explore? No - private driveway

Another road to explore? No – private driveway

Shortly after this I came to another bend in the road, but decided to find out where it goes before venturing along it so I turned back.  I covered a good distance today and my FitBit is very happy with me. :)



2016-07-16 July 16 020 (800x599)

Some kind of Sparrow

Some kind of Sparrow

2016-07-16 July 16 022 (800x564)

Love the ditches here

Love the ditches here

New Condos going up. Love that huge window on the first one (3rd floor)

New Condos going up. Love that huge window on the first one (3rd floor)

Different view of same Condos. That one on the end is the only one with that huge window

Different view of same Condos. That one on the end is the only one with that huge window

I decided to check my trail out on Google Maps and here it is.

MWSnap02067 2016-07-16 (800x690)

The grey dots going through the green in the upper left is the trail along the Seine River that I followed to Creek Bend Rd.  I then turned left and went over the bridge and followed Creek Bend Rd to where it met Sioux Rd W and followed that until it made a turn just before the Perimeter Hwy.  I wondered about exploring Aimes Rd and or Milne Dr, but am glad I waited to check out where they went, since they obviously go nowhere – although I could have turned of Aimes Rd and gone across the Perimeter to Sumka Rd – but that road also ends without getting me back to St. Anne’s Rd.  So – I just re-traced my steps, and avoided that wet trail by going all the way to St. Anne’s Rd and back home that way.


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A Couple of Walks

I have no pictures of my first walk from a few days ago.  I only went out to see if I could walk to the Perimeter Highway, which isn’t too far from my apartment.  I can see the traffic lights for it when I make my u-turn to get to my place.

I hadn’t gone far when I found out that the sidewalk doesn’t go all the way though, so I would have to walk along the shoulder of the road.  That didn’t appeal to me, but I noticed that the sidewalk turned and headed towards the condos at the end, so I walked along there.

That sidewalk ended at a gravel road and it was headed back the way I came from.  I wondered if it was the same gravel road that I found when following the trail along the Seine River heading south – so I followed it.  The road crossed over a bridge, but I hadn’t gone far at that point, so figured if it was the road, there must be another bridge – so I kept on going.  It was a beautiful walk – just like walking along a country road.  I saw a deer out in the field, heard lots of birds and was enjoying the walk, when the road came to a bridge – but ended after the bridge, except for a turn before the bridge that headed a different direction.

So – that couldn’t be the road that I thought it was – so I turned and headed back where I had come from.  It wasn’t until I was back in my apartment that I realized that the first bridge WAS the same bridge I had walked over that other time.  The trail that I came out on was just before the bridge, but since I wasn’t looking for it that soon, I didn’t see it. I’ll take my camera next time I go on that walk.

This morning, before heading over to the house, I went to Fort Whyte Alive for another walk.  I have pictures and a short video of this walk. :)

2016-07-15 July 15 002 (800x562)

Canada Geese

2016-07-15 July 15 003 (800x599)

White Pelican

2016-07-15 July 15 004 (800x599)

Baby Painted Turtles (above & below)  It is hard to determine size in a picture – but these 2 were pretty little guys ( maybe 2″ length).  They were about the size of the ones we used to keep as pets in the little plastic turtle bowls many years ago.

2016-07-15 July 15 006 (800x599)

2016-07-15 July 15 010 (800x336)

Mallard Duck family (above & below)

2016-07-15 July 15 011 (800x599)

2016-07-15 July 15 013 (800x600)

I can’t resist the little Red Squirrels.

2016-07-15 July 15 016 (800x599)

Wild Flowers (above & below)

2016-07-15 July 15 018 (800x605)

2016-07-15 July 15 029 (600x800)

Two days in a row without rain, but the paths are still full of puddles.

At one of the little ponds, it was just so peaceful – birds were singing, dragonflies were busy catching mosquitoes, tadpoles and water-bugs were swimming in the water – so I took a video. :)



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We’re Getting There

I have just over 2 weeks to go until I am just down to having 1 home again.  Then another 3-4 weeks until I get the money from the sale of the house.  It is pretty scary paying for 2 homes and related expenses on just my pensions, so this will really be a relief once it is finally done.

On Wednesday I had a couple of young men from 1-800 Got Junk come over and empty out all the leftovers, after the 2 charity pickups and anyone else who answered my ads in Kijiji or Freeshare had taken what they wanted.  I was surprised at how much was left over, but I had mainly been looking at and thinking about the actual furniture.  Under the basement stairs was a mess of wood, doors, windows and stuff.  They kept digging until they finally had the place empty and had filled a full truck plus 1/6 of another one.

Now that the house is completely empty, I can get started with cleaning.  I have never been considered a Susy Homemaker or Mrs Clean, so have hired a cleaning company who will be coming in next week.  I got on some of the things, like the nose prints off the windows with my Magic Eraser yesterday.  I want the cleaners to look after the basics as I’m sure they have a better eye at picking out what needs to be done without spending too much time on nose prints.  I will have them wash the entire windows in the hopes that they can avoid streaks better than I can though.

They will be doing vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the oven, sinks, counters and cupboards.  I don’t honestly know how much 2 people can do in 2 hours, so will just put chores in the order that they need to be done and will have to finish whatever is left over when their time is up.

It didn’t rain yesterday, so I got the grass cut and hopefully just one more cutting before I turn it over to the new owners.  I hope I can sell the lawn mower quickly when I am finished with it.

I already know I will be moving again next year.  I only moved into this place because it was almost the only apartment I could find that would take dogs as big as Chester was.  The only other place I found did not have an elevator and I knew he would have problems walking up 3 flights of stairs every time we came & went.  The rent here is too high for me to consider staying when the lease comes up though – so I will be looking for another place and moving again.  There will be a lot less stuff to worry about on my next move.

2016-07-15 July 15 001 (800x600)

My poor rosebush has had a rough time since we moved.  I thought that by taking it out of the ground and being on the 2nd floor it would be safe from leaf eaters, but it was eaten badly within a few days of arriving here.  I didn’t see anything on it, but there was hardly anything left of many of the leaves when I got some bug spray and started giving it a regular spray.  So, now we have new leaves coming out and it is looking much better – although it still has a long way to go.  Hopefully it will recover enough to flower.

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The Neverending Move

In some respects, it was nice to have lots of time to move out and move in – but since I had so much time, I didn’t rush and it feels like this interim period will never end now.  I still have 3 weeks to pay both mortgage (and related expenses) and rent and I still have stuff to get out of the house.

I sold a few items at the start that I knew would sell, but everything since then has been given away.  I had 2 charities come and load their trucks up with whatever they wanted.  Unfortunately they mostly wanted items in new condition.  If it was new condition, I could have sold it.  So, they left a lot.

I advertised the rest on Kijiji for free and a lot of it went, but not the big heavy stuff.  I have just put another ad on Freeshare in the hopes that it will go.  Before much more time, I will be looking for a truck with a couple of able bodied people to haul everything to the dump.

Meanwhile – my Clematis is now flowering.

2014-12-07 011 (582x800)

I decided to explore the area just past where I had walked before – but this time I walked alone the sidewalks to get there.  It has been raining and I knew mosquitos would be thick in the bush.  So, I walked to the bridge and found a path on the other side of the river that continues.  I don’t know how far it continues, since as soon as I entered the bush, the mosquitos found me.

This path is gravel for a very short distance and then turns to dirt.  I did get a few pictures though.

2014-12-07 001 (584x800)2014-12-07 003 (600x800)2014-12-07 004 (600x800)

Taken from under the bridge looking South

Taken from under the bridge looking North.

Taken under the bridge, looking south.

Taken under the bridge, looking south.

Taken while standing on the bridge looking north

Taken while standing on the bridge looking north.

I found another trail that I will be walking soon.  It runs all the way from St. Anne’s Road to St. Marys Road and is 2.9 km one way – so that would be a nice stroll.  It looks like it goes through some parks and is always in a green area so should be very nice.

In 3 more weeks I will only have 1 residence to worry about!

Oh – I have booked for Kruger National Park so I’ll tell you more about that soon. :)

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It Has Been 4 Years

It has been 4 years this August since my trip to Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands in South Africa and it is time to go again.

We can partially blame my addiction to Africam for my desire to be in South Africa – but once you’ve been there, you just have to go back.  I would love to go to Cape Town also and Victoria Falls is on my list, but it is the bush that is calling me back and I will be spending my time in Kruger and hopefully Sabi Sands too if I can figure out how to afford that part of the trip.

With the sale of my home, I should have enough money for one big trip and where else would I want to go but back to South Africa.  Now that I don’t have to worry about leaving Chester, I can start making plans.

I have not made any bookings yet, but I have most of the places picked out where I would like to stay.  The list is similar to last time, but this time I would like to stay 3 nights in each of the camps instead of just 2, so there is more time to explore the surrounding areas and go on escorted walks and/or drives.  I especially love the walks, but the drives are nice too, since you can get out earlier than the gates open in the morning or stay out after the gates are closed in the evening.

MWSnap7846 2016-07-05

You probably already realize this, but I just might mention this trip a few (hundred) times over the next several months.

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I Went for a Walk

Today I decided it was time to really explore the path along the Seine River that runs behind my complex.

I decided to turn right when I got to the path and see if I could walk to the perimeter highway.  Unfortunately the path ended before the highway, so I turned back to see how far I could go the other way.

The path seems to end after 1.1 km from my original starting distance.  That is 1.1 km if taking the street, which is straight instead of following the river, which is not.  Next time I go, I’ll have to map my steps.  I would think the path is approximately twice the distance.

Looking at the map back at home, it seems as if the trail continues on the other side of the Seine River, where I thought it ended.  The first time it ended I crossed the bridge to look around, and saw no sign of a trail, but I did not cross the bridge at what I thought was the ending the other way.  Guess I’ll have to head back there and explore more another time.

It was a nice walk  on a nice day and I took plenty of pictures showing the muddy Seine River as I went.  :)  Birds were singing in the trees and nature is at its best along a river, hidden from the busy city.  They always call the Red River a muddy river, but the Seine seems even muddier.

First part of the walk – up to the bridge and looking both ways along the river from the bridge.  You can click on individual pictures to see bigger sizes.

The second and longer part of the walk with the last picture showing the bridge that I walked up to after taking that picture.  I was surprised to see the water flowers – don’t know if those are water lilies or something else.

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Good-bye Chester – RIP – May 1/03-June 29/16

Chester had been with me since November 29 , 2003 when he was approximately 7 months of age.  The people who turned him into the rescue thought they got him in early June, 2003 and thought he was about 4-5 weeks old at the time – so the rescue decided that May 1st, 2003 would be his birthday.

He was always a happy boy – always excited about everything.  He loved his walks, he loved his food, he loved his toys and he loved life.  I thought I would have had more time with him after his stay at the emergency vet clinic here – but it was not to be.   Yesterday morning, he was back to not eating, having diarrhea and some new problems of stumbling when he walked and very dull looking eyes that rolled back into his head.  It was time.

When we got to the vet’s office, they had a room all set up for him, with a big pillow for him to lie on.  He went to the pillow and lay on it and didn’t move again.  He just waited and I think he knew.  He was very calm.

I miss him – this is the first time I have not had a dog in many, many years – but I know he is now free from pain and running free, with his tail wagging.

He will remember Dakota when he gets to the Rainbow Bridge and Dakota can introduce him to the others who went before her.  There was Melanie (terrier mix), Red (my first Irish Setter), Gayle (Cocker Spaniel), Kemo (Dalmatian), Trixie (Pom/Terrier mix) and Angie’s cats Cyrus and Sable  (who Chester would also remember), plus Minnie and April.


Feb2Chester1 ChesterCyrus1

Just some random pictures of Chester.  Cyrus managed to get into one of them.

Thank you to the doctors and staff at Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center for the years of caring service for all of my pets and to the Pembina Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Clinic.

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