A Walk in the Snow

With the temperature hovering around 0C, I decided to head over to Fort Whyte Alive where I could walk. There is still snow on the ground, which arrived a few days ago. The forecast says the temperature will be up around 10C in a few days – but I’m not holding my breath. The water… Continue reading A Walk in the Snow

A Couple of Hours at Lockport with Pelicans (and friends)

Yesterday looked like a nice day and I had nothing in my calendar – so I headed north to Lockport to see and photograph the Pelicans around the dam on the Red River. I pulled into the park on the east side of the river when I got there and walked over to see if… Continue reading A Couple of Hours at Lockport with Pelicans (and friends)

More Birds at Lockport

My little drive to Lockport was to get pictures of Pelicans, but there were other birds there as well and today I’ll show you the rest of them.   Of course there were Gulls as well as Cormorants, Loons (I’m pretty sure they weren’t all Cormorants) and Common Goldeneye Ducks. As I am looking at the… Continue reading More Birds at Lockport

Today’s Bird Report

It was a little chilly when Chester and I took our walk to the Red River this morning – but the sun is shining and they say the temperature will get above freezing by afternoon – so hopefully some more melting will happen before our next snow.  Yes – snow is predicted for tonight and… Continue reading Today’s Bird Report