A Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

Although we really do need rain here, I am quite willing to wander trails when It is warm & dry – so on this warm and dry day, I headed out to Oak Hammock Marsh for a walk. First stop was the parking lot at the main entrance where you can access the trails around… Continue reading A Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

Assiniboine Park

A few days ago, I decided to head to Assiniboine Park and specifically to the English Garden/Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in the hope of finding Hummingbirds and/or Indigo Buntings. I did manage a few photos, but did not see any Hummingbirds or Buntings. A couple of days earlier I had seen the elusive Indigo Bunting… Continue reading Assiniboine Park

More Flowers and a Bird – plus

My first Peony has opened and more should be open soon. Our walks along the banks of the Red River have been a little disappointing so far.  Normally the baby ducks and geese provide plenty of activity to watch and take pictures of – but not this year.  I have seen 2 goose families and… Continue reading More Flowers and a Bird – plus

Bunnies, Birds and Elephants

The bunnies and birds are (of course) from our walk to and along the Red River.  Chester watches for bunnies, while I watch for birds. The Elephants are from my picture, which is now hanging on a wall in my home. The 2 bunnies were so busy playing that they didn’t notice Chester and me… Continue reading Bunnies, Birds and Elephants

Song Sparrow and Flowers

It was raining again yesterday morning when Chester and I took our walk along the Red River, so I left my camera at home.  Of course, I saw 3 young Wood Ducks who were on their own at that time.  Pictures in the rain don’t normally look great anyway – but I saw them. A… Continue reading Song Sparrow and Flowers

Duck and a Sparrow

Two cooperative critters  in one walk yesterday.  🙂 A Song Sparrow didn’t sing for me, but posed nicely and what I think is a young Mallard Duck posed nicely as well.  I only took one picture of the Song Sparrow and then took a video.  It would have been nice if he had given us… Continue reading Duck and a Sparrow

Birding Day

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians. This year is a little different since the actual holiday is July 2nd instead of July 1st – so we’ll just celebrate both days.  🙂 I got a few different bird pictures over the last few days, so decided to combine them in one post.  🙂 We have… Continue reading Birding Day

That’s More Like It!

Finally the sun came out yesterday and by afternoon it was warm!  Whew – hope the rest of the summer is sunny and warm.  It can rain at night – but not 4 days of rain again, I hope. Chester and I saw critters on our walk along the Red River yesterday – including (drum… Continue reading That’s More Like It!

Song Sparrow

It is so nice to be serenaded by the Song Sparrows as Chester and I walk along the Red River.  Now that there are leaves on the trees, I can’t always find them, but this one decided that the top of the tree was the best place to be.  The river behind him makes a… Continue reading Song Sparrow

Mallards and Sparrow

Its so nice to find lots of action along the Red River when on our walks again.  Spring is the best time of year for birds.  Once they begin nesting, they are not as visible, except when I’m lucky enough to see the ducklings and goslings.  I haven’t seen many Canada  Geese hanging around my… Continue reading Mallards and Sparrow