A Walk in the Woods

It was such a beautiful morning, that I decided it was time to take a walk along the Seine River behind my apartment.  I headed along the path to the pedestrian bridge nearby. Just before the bridge was a bunny in the grass.  Then a picture of the river from the bridge and a closer… Continue reading A Walk in the Woods

Catch Up

Between the move and my upcoming vacation, I haven’t been around here much lately and I apologize for that – but it will be awhile before things get back to normal (whatever that is) again. To fill you in – I have moved, although still unpacking.  Hopefully I will be finished unpacking before I leave… Continue reading Catch Up

Back to Some Critters

I have been very lax at keeping up with the critters in the neighbourhood.  For some reason, I often even forget my camera when Chester and I head out for our walks- so I don’t have many pictures – but I do have a few. I haven’t had time to figure out the bird that… Continue reading Back to Some Critters

New Year’s Bunny

I think this little guy has made a home for himself under my front steps.  I found him by my Mock Orange the other day surveying his domaine.  He casually grabbed a leaf from the Mock Orange to chew on and proceeded to stamp around a bit to flatten the snow for himself or herself… Continue reading New Year’s Bunny

Duck and a Bunny

I have finally seen one clutch of ducklings on the Red River, but this was so early in the morning, that I have no way of knowing what kind of ducks.  I suspect Mallards, since they are the ones that would have had to lay and incubate a 2nd clutch after the first was washed… Continue reading Duck and a Bunny

Back in the Neighbourhood

Of course, Chester and I still live and walk around our neighbourhood, which is currently very busy in the furred and feathered department.  We have squirrels, bunnies and birds all over the place.  The number of ducks on the Red River this morning was amazing.  There were hundred, if not thousands just on the 4… Continue reading Back in the Neighbourhood

Putting New Camera to the Test

So cameras appear to be my new addiction – although this is directly related to my critter addiction.  My other addictions (if you didn’t know) are chocolate, popcorn and Africam. The new camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX300 and it had 50x optical zoom.  Now I have to get back to Africa to really… Continue reading Putting New Camera to the Test