Another Beautiful Morning for a Walk

After a couple of days of rain, the sun has returned and the day should be very warm (or hot) late in the afternoon. So, morning was a great time to head out for a walk.

Spotted Towhee in a tree

This little bunny was coming right up to me – no zoom used at all here. Then he moved over into the grass for another photo.

Eastern Kingbird

I am familiar with Eastern Kingbirds because they were often in Manitoba – at least during the summer when I was at my parent’s cottage. I had no idea that they were also in British Columbia. I was happy that he posed nicely for a photo.

Song Sparrow – singing his heart out.

These 2 are very poor photos, but there were dozens of Swallows flying by. I used a lot of zoom to get them at all, but kind of liked these 2 shots that have both the birds and the reflections in the water.

The one on the left is a Dragonfly (of some kind) and the one on the right is a Damselfly (of some kind) I believe. I love to watch them, but have no idea what they are exactly. I just normally call them all dragonflies. I was happy that they both allowed photos.

Another Spotted Towhee

A couple of flowers from the lily pads in the water.

Perched on a log out in the water, were a pair of Wood Ducks and a couple of Turtles.

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