A Couple of Days

Things have been a little crazy around here lately, but I figured it was time to post about some of the good stuff (which – of course – involves critters) as well as Assiniboine Park in the fresh snow.

When I last wrote, I was staying with the adorable dogs – Teddy & Macy, and we had a blizzard. I had a large area of shoveling to do both front and back at the house, so the dogs could get out and I would be able to get my car out. I wasn’t interested in taking snow photos as winter should be gone by now but we still have plenty of snow. The dogs’ mom had told me who to call to shovel if we did get snow, but I was confident that I could do it myself – so I did. 🙂 Quite a bit of snow blew back onto the driveway though, so her guy also shoveled it out after I left.

A little Tortoise with high hopes in Kinsmen Discovery Centre
A pile of Goats in Aunt Sally’s Barn
Burrowing Owl
Boa Constrictors – Heads & Tails – with both their heads in view
Polar Bear meeting

The Polar Bears are a huge part of the Journey to Churchill exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. There are nine of them with eight in the large part of the exhibit. The 9th one lives alone as she does not enjoy being with the rest. All but one (Storm) were orphaned when too young to survive in the wild. Storm was on his own, but was old enough to survive on his own. The problem was that he had learned that garbage was tasty and he became nuisance bear. Since he was still quite young though, he was transferred to the zoo – as the only other option was to have him destroyed before he became more of a nuisance or injured someone.

They have grown up together and are all friends and they play together as well as sleep together. They also have their own den so they can be alone if they want. A highlight of everyone’s visit is getting to see them swimming in the tunnel. They often interact with visitors while swimming there.

The only problem is that they swim when & where they want to. There is no guarantee that they will decide to swim when you are there. They have swimming pools in different locations also, but the tunnel is the best place to view them swimming.

Visitors come from all over the world just to see the Journey to Churchill exhibit. Many of these visitors take the trip north to Churchill as well as visiting the zoo (often before & after the visit up north).