Starting the Day off with a Drive to Lockport

This has been a very bad spring with two blizzard/snow storms. The flooding from those storms mean that driving anywhere was taking a chance of getting very wet and/or breaking an axle on your vehicle by hitting giant potholes (many of which were hidden in large water puddles. So – I stayed home. Another storm is due to hit us starting late this afternoon, but this one is more heavy rain than snow.

Anyway, I decided to head north to Lockport to see what I could find there. I went north on Main Street and then turned onto River Road to get there this time. There were spots on the road that had some flooding, but it wasn’t too bad. I had forgotten that River Road often floods and with the weather we’ve been having, I was lucky that it was open.

Mallard Duck in flight behind the trees
Ring-billed Gulls taking a break on a fence.
White Pelican in the Red River at Lockport.
White Pelican and a Cormorant in the Red River

The above photos were taken on the west side of the Red River and after taking them, I got back in the car to drive over to the east side. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realized that the bridge was still under construction until I got on it. Due to the lineup on the opposite side to cross, there was no way to make a left turn to get into the parking lot on the east side. From the west side, I could see more Pelicans on the east side. I could have made a u-turn a little further up and got into the lineup to cross the bridge and then turn off before crossing, but decided just to continue to my next stop.

Tomorrow, we will visit Birds Hill Provincial Park.