A Beautiful Day for a Walk in the Zoo

I had a few reasons for moving from Manitoba to B.C. and the weather was one of those reasons. Yesterday it was +9C under a sunny sky while in Winnipeg, it was below zero with snow.

In Winnipeg, one of my regular activities was to volunteer at the Assiniboine Park Zoo there and I was usually doing this about 3 times per week. So, I found the closest zoo to me here in B.C. This zoo cancelled their volunteer program when COVID hit and as of now, they have not re-instated it.

I arrived right after opening and may have been the first visitor in.

The Sparrow and Crow above as well as the Mallard Ducks and Great Blue Heron – were also visiting the zoo as I was, but they were nice enough to pose for photos anyway. 🙂

I walked more than usual and covered some areas more than once this day. It is hard to cover the entire zoo without covering some of it more than once. But, I go there to walk and that is what I did (along with taking photos of course). It was a beautiful day!

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day for a Walk in the Zoo

  1. Looks like a fun place for a long walk! Although every time you take a long walk it reduces my chances of ever, ever catching up! I’m trying, though!

    38°F (doing the math: 3.33° Celsius) and rain here in Maryland right now. Treacherous! Stay well and safe out there! Cheers, Stumblebum


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