Browne Creek Wetlands

When I was walking on the Vedder River Rotary Trail, I saw some signs about the Browne Creek Wetlands, so yesterday I decided to head back over there to see what I could find in the wetlands. I turned right and followed the trail for just a couple of dozen steps where the rotary trail… Continue reading Browne Creek Wetlands

Return to the Greater Vancouver Zoo

It has been awhile since I’ve been at the zoo and it was a beautiful day today to make the trip there. The birds at the zoo are still not on display due to the avian flu. I sure miss my Ostrich buddy. This was only the 2nd time that I’ve seen the Rhino, but… Continue reading Return to the Greater Vancouver Zoo

A Beautiful Day for a Walk in the Zoo

I had a few reasons for moving from Manitoba to B.C. and the weather was one of those reasons. Yesterday it was +9C under a sunny sky while in Winnipeg, it was below zero with snow. In Winnipeg, one of my regular activities was to volunteer at the Assiniboine Park Zoo there and I was… Continue reading A Beautiful Day for a Walk in the Zoo