Return to the Greater Vancouver Zoo

It has been awhile since I’ve been at the zoo and it was a beautiful day today to make the trip there.

The birds at the zoo are still not on display due to the avian flu. I sure miss my Ostrich buddy.

This was only the 2nd time that I’ve seen the Rhino, but I realized that I had been missing a little part of the zoo where she lived.

The Cheetah finally lay down at the right spot for getting photos of her.

The Lemurs were out sun worshiping when I was there.

I almost forgot to show my Snow Leopard photo. I believe this is the female and she is watching her 2 boys playing below her. The boys were too close to the fence for me to get decent photos of them.

Oh another photo I missed. This is the mom with her baby Alpaca that I saw soon after the little one was born. The zookeeper (or animal care professional) that I mentioned it to back then, was not aware of the baby.

After thinking about it, I have decided not to volunteer at the zoo here. It is almost an hour drive from home and traffic is very unpredictable – often due to accidents. So, I will continue to drop by there to walk and take photos while I still have my membership. When it expires I might renew or I might not. I may drop in there on occasion – just because I enjoy visiting all the critters.

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