Sour Dough Bread Experience

Since my last post, I have made my first 2 loaves of bread from my sour dough starter.

The first loaf did not rise much at all and turned out to be very a very heavy bread. I did eat a couple of slices, but have to admit that it wasn’t great.

Most of the recipes indicate that it takes time to perfect your methods in order to end up with a bread that is right for you – so, I’m moving on. Actually, I got started with my next loaf before this one even made it into the oven, since I knew it wasn’t rising enough to make a good loaf.

The next loaf rose more than the first one did and was not as dense. It had a better flavour and I will eat this loaf. I had a slice shortly after it came out of the oven and I had 2 thick slices of toast this morning.

All the recipes say not to cut into a loaf until it has cooled, but I love warm bread, so on each of these, I cut my first slice when it was warm.

Here is my starter this morning – looks ready to me. 🙂

One thing I have to consider is that my flour might be too old. It is a mixture of white & brown flour and I have had it for years. I did a bit of baking after I sold my home and moved into my first apartment 4 years ago. The flour had been in the old house for quite awhile though and I took it with me and that is what I have been using.

Flour and yeast disappeared from the store shelves the same as the toilet paper did here so I’m not sure if I will be able to get any fresh flour soon. It is almost time to venture out into the world and to a grocery store, so I will take a look though.

If you have done any baking with sour dough starter – or if you decide to give it a try, please let me know. I’d love to hear your experiences with it.

8 thoughts on “Sour Dough Bread Experience

  1. Your last bread looks very delicious, Mavis 😀
    I have used sour dough for many years, while I lived in Denmark and often made bread with dark flour, as used there daily. One year ago, I started up a new sour dough, but went sick and forgot to feed it well. Then I decided to try again another day, but forgot. Life went on in different ways.
    About your flour, you need to take good care by using old flour, as there easy goes insects into this. And the gluten is not working well after about one year either.
    All good luck with your coming breads. They use to become better and better by time.

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    1. Thanks for your info Irene. I also used sour dough before – but didn’t keep it up and this was many years ago. I know there are no insects in my flour because it is in a closed & clear container – but I was thinking that it was too old to perform the way it should. I did get out and get new flour today, so I’m ready for the next loaf now. I enjoyed a sandwich with my loaf today.

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