Keeping Safe

Covid-19 is not the first pandemic that has threatened this world – but it is the current one. There was no internet for the other big ones though, and this has been a method of spreading the information (both true and untrue information) quickly for this pandemic.

So – how are you doing?

I have been self isolating for about 3 weeks now. I only go out to get groceries. I live in an apartment block (without a balcony) so I do not have a way to get outside in my own space, so consider yourself lucky if you have your own outdoor space (whether it be a balcony or a yard).

I mentioned before that my Mother is now in a nursing home and all nursing homes have been shut down to visitors – so I have been unable to visit personally with her. She does have a phone in her room though and my brothers, sister and I phone her on a regular basis. She is doing ok.

As many of you know, I normally volunteer at the Assiniboine Park Zoo a few times a week. The zoo has been closed for the last 3 weeks and the only people working on location there are the Animal Care Professionals. The critters still need daily care.

We are keeping in touch with our volunteer crew, as our volunteer staff (working from home) send daily emails with information as to what is happening to keep us updated. We are still having lunch & learn meetings – but online instead of in person. The Animal Care Professionals are giving critter talks through facebook 3 times a week for everyone to watch.

My other main activity (and this one has not changed) is controlling cameras for Africam. I am sure you have read about Africam here before, but for those who have not – has cameras set up at 8 locations near waterholes or river. During both days & nights, there are a variety of African critters that come for a drink or sometimes just to socialize and you can watch them from the comfort of your home.

I picked a few photos taken last night & this morning at some of the camera locations, so you have an idea of the sightings.

Many people I know have been doing more baking than usual and I have seen several posting their home-made bread. During my shopping trips, I have been unable to find any yeast – but then I remembered sour dough bread. Sour dough starter makes it’s own yeast, so I started a culture. I thought I would have it ready to go last night and planned on mixing the dough up to rise over night. Although it had been ready the evening before, it was not ready last night – so I fed it and left it. I don’t want to start in the morning because it takes several hours to rise – so I fed it again this morning and will try again tonight.

Here is my sour dough starter now and as you can see there are a few bubbles and it is looking good. Hopefully I can get started tonight so I can bake my first loaf in the morning.

Kind of looks like a bird’s face – the big bubble is the eye and beak goes off to the right – LOL

I won’t go into recipes or techniques for making your own sour dough starter and bread, because you can find many, many variations online. Just pick the one that looks good to you and go from there. Variations are often slight, but techniques also vary.

The plan was that I would show you my first loaf here – but I promise to share a photo once I actually make my first loaf.

Stay safe everyone!

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