A Windy Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

I had a few possibilities as to where I would go today, but I knew it had to be out of the city. Since the provincial parks are open, my first thought was the Whiteshell Provincial Park as it has been years since I have been there. It is a little over an hour to drive there and the drive through the park is an hour or 2 – not sure on that. Then I started to think maybe Grand Beach would be nice. I haven’t walked on that beautiful sand in even more years than it has been since I’ve been in the Whiteshell. My next thought was wondering if there are any washrooms open in the parks and I have no idea, but there is a good possibility that the answer is no. (For people reading this years or even months later – we are currently in the COVID-19 shut-down, although things are beginning to loosen up.)

If I was going to either the Whiteshell or Grand Beach Provincial Parks, I would like to spend the day and not just a few hours – so I’ve decided to leave them for another day and I went to Oak Hammock Marsh instead. I knew the building was closed, but the trails were open.

It was very windy at Oak Hammock Marsh, but the temperature was rising to a beautiful mid 20’s C. I managed to get a few photos. 🙂

Some of the photos are cropped by Word Press so they fit into the boxes. You can click on one and scroll through the full-size photos if you like.

On my way out to head a bit further north I stopped a few times to take photos from my car.

I then arrived at the north area of Oak Hammock Marsh at another good place to walk. There were Swans there!

As I was leaving, I found another Canada Goose family with goslings – so I stopped on the road to take a photo.

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  1. So glad to hear your ‘lockdown’ is easing. How enjoyable to be able to be in contact with nature again. Their life cycle continues and you can now be able to share & enjoy. Delightful photos. Thanks 😊 for sharing in these troubled times. Mary & Suzie.

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