Back to the Zoo

Things are very slowly starting to return to normal. The big thing (for me) is that the Assiniboine Park Zoo has opened. Normally, I volunteer there about 3-4 times a week, and I have really missed it.

The zoo opened to the public on Wednesday May 13th, but on Tuesday the 12th, we had a small practice for our new duties. We still greet people and give them directions, but instead of covering the full zoo, we now spend most of our time in a small area. We may be keeping track of the number of people in a building and making sure everyone enters at one end and out the other to avoid any close contact. We may be keeping track of the number of people leaving the zoo, in order to let admissions know they can allow more to enter. We may also be reminding people to socially distance themselves from other people and from the zoo animals.

I was glad I had booked my shifts to cover Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I now feel fairly comfortable with the new duties.

Today, I decided to go to Fort Whyte Alive, but found out when I got there that it wasn’t open. I had mistakenly thought it opened at 9:00 am, but on Saturdays they don’t open until 10:00 am. Since I was in the area, I decided to go to the zoo as a visitor instead of just heading back home (or waiting an hour until they opened).

So – I took some zoo photos 🙂

I love the full display of the mature male – but the youngsters were fun to watch also and they seem to have no idea how small their display was.

Bald Eagle flying by as I was leaving the zoo.