An Afternoon Walk in the Park

Yesterday was Mother’s Day – so a belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers. Hope you had a good day. Social distancing makes it hard to get the hugs, but hopefully everyone got a phone call. My daughter called me and we had a lovely chat just before I headed out for my walk.

We can now buy our Provincial Park passes online, so I bought mine earlier in the day and was prepared to head a little north of the city to Birds Hill Provincial Park.

It seems a lot of people had the same plan and I noticed the next several cars behind me took the exit to Birds Hill and then as I rounded a bend, I saw a lineup at the gate for those who did not have their pass.

I am always amazed at how people are in a hurry all the time. For me, the park is a place to slow down and look around – so that is what I did and was passed by others who must have been in a big hurry. Birds Hill Park isn’t large and if you just drive around the main road, you can be in and out in about a 1/2 hour – but what’s the point?

I stopped at the same trail I took in the winter (To Birds Hill Provincial Park for a Stroll) and wanted to see how it looks in the spring.

Last time I started where it says You Are Here (which is at the parking lot) and followed the upper part of the trail until it divided – then I turned and walked back along the same route. This time I started off the same, but took the left turn instead of turning around and met back up with the trail to follow it back along the lower part. Next time I will complete the entire trail. For the last 6-7 weeks, I have hardly done any walking, but hopefully the zoo will soon re-open so I can get more walking in to build up some stamina.

It was chilly, but the fresh air and exercise sure felt great. There were quite a few other walkers, but we all moved over to the right side of the path to pass as we said hello.