Looking for an Owl

After walking the dogs this morning, I headed to the English Garden beside the Zoo at Assiniboine Park. Several people have been seeing a Barred Owl there and I wanted to see and photograph it also.

I couldn’t find him though – even with the help of a friend who had seen him more than once. She pointed out the trees she had found him before and we looked at similar spots, but we could not find him (or her) today. My only find in the gardens was this Red Squirrel.

I wandered around looking more after she left and then decided to have breakfast at the Park Cafe. I had the Pancakes with a side order of Bacon and some coffee.

Then I decided that since I had my camera, I might as well go into the Zoo. I took a few photos there. 🙂

I did actually find an owl – but it is a little Screech Owl (plus the Snowy Owls) who live at the Zoo. He is very hard to find or photograph, so this is the best I could do.

This little owl really blends into the background.

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