Looking for an Owl

After walking the dogs this morning, I headed to the English Garden beside the Zoo at Assiniboine Park. Several people have been seeing a Barred Owl there and I wanted to see and photograph it also. I couldn’t find him though – even with the help of a friend who had seen him more than… Continue reading Looking for an Owl

Blustery Day

I was scheduled for a volunteer shift at the Assiniboine Park Zoo this morning and a little bit of wind and snow wasn’t going to stop me.  🙂 It turned out to be one of those days when there were more volunteers than visitors. The temperature wasn’t too bad, but combined with the wind and… Continue reading Blustery Day

Camels – Assiniboine Park Zoo

There are 2 types of camels in the world and both types reside at the Assiniboine Park Zoo here in Winnipeg.  They make good photography subjects because they are generally slow moving.  They can move quickly, but their enclosure here (like most of the enclosures here) is not large enough for them to get up… Continue reading Camels – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Battery Woes

Thunderstorm with lots of rain last night.  The thunder was just rolling in when I went to bed and amazingly enough, I slept soundly the whole night.  When I first woke up I expected to find out that it had past without much rain or anything – but the huge puddles everywhere let me know… Continue reading Battery Woes

August 28th – trip to the zoo

It is turning out to be not too bad a weekend for me, although they predicted rain this afternoon (which didn’t happen) and now rain tonight, overnight and tomorrow.  It is 19C right now, so thats not bad. I had talked myself into building new steps for the back deck this weekend, but that didn’t… Continue reading August 28th – trip to the zoo