White-tail Deer on my Doorstep

A White-tail Deer and her 3 fawns have been on the area in front of my window for the last several days.

The first pictures were taken from my window looking over a field just past the parking lot in July and August – up to yesterday.

DSCN0145 (800x594)DSCN0147 (800x325)DSCN0368 (800x600)DSCN0389 (800x388)DSCN0391 (800x496)DSCN0403 (800x747)DSCN0408 (800x577)

This morning, I found them on my doorstep.  🙂  Right at the front entrance to my building and again, I took these pictures from my window.

DSCN0409 (800x508)
I was happy to see they were eating the grass & weeds instead of the flowers.

DSCN0412 (800x476)DSCN0430 (800x641)DSCN0433 (739x800)DSCN0434 (800x361)DSCN0435 (800x461)DSCN0436 (800x242)DSCN0437 (800x404)DSCN0439 (800x376) (2)

DSCN0440 (800x457) (2)
The field where I usually find them is just over the fence at the back of this picture.

DSCN0441 (800x434)DSCN0442 (800x249) (2)DSCN0444 (800x329)

I was sure happy that I looked out the window at the right time to see these beautiful critters visiting.

I wonder who the 2nd doe is.  Unless this is a different doe than the one with triplets, I believe the 3 fawns belong to the one doe and the 2nd doe is actually one of her babies from last year – so she would be Auntie Doe to these fawns.

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