A Couple of Hours at Fort Whyte Alive

It was a beautiful morning for a walk today and it seems like awhile since I’ve been to Fort Whyte Alive.  I arrived just a few minutes after it opened so not many people were around yet.

First sightings were these beautiful flowers.



DSCN1745 (800x553)
Bees can use the nectar from those flowers to make honey.

Then – some Ducks (not sure what kind), Canada Geese, Pelican and Gulls.

DSCN1739 (800x534)DSCN1744 (800x431)DSCN1747 (800x600)

DSCN1748 (800x580)
I took this picture as I was walking on the floating dock.  I actually wasn’t taking it because of the view (which I do love), I was trying to get the duck that was flying.  Next picture is cropped to show the duck.
It is not a great picture of the duck, but I took it very quickly.

Near the far end of the dock was this duck and her ducklings.

DSCN1749 (800x518)DSCN1750 (800x436)DSCN1751 (800x445)

Next were a pair of Canada Geese with Goslings.

DSCN1754 (800x484)DSCN1756 (800x408)DSCN1757 (800x377)

Then a little Eastern Phoebe posed quite nicely for me.  Thanks to Deb & Laura from the Manitoba Birds, Birding & Photography FaceBook page for giving me the ID for this guy.

DSCN1758 (800x600)DSCN1759 (800x600)DSCN1761 (756x800)

DSCN1762 (800x600)
Looking left from a dock
DSCN1763 (800x600)
Looking right from same dock
DSCN1764 (800x750)
Fuzzy Flowers?

I took lots more pictures – so will continue tomorrow with the rest.

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  1. Photos are lovely. Unfortunately the wild life – ie. swans, ducks and Canadian geese are not to be seen at our local park. The canal too seems they are not there -so sad, hence nice to read about your visit Mary & Benji


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