It is Coconut Time

Anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile should be familiar with Coconut. He is a little Bichon Frise that I sometimes stay with while his family is out of town. Warning – very cute photos ahead. 🙂

I’ve never been known to ignore other photography possibilities, so I quickly moved on to a bird and flowers (after a couple of selfies with me).

I have spent time with Coconut before, but had not noticed the Mock Orange in the yard. I planted a Mock Orange at my house years ago and it was my favourite. It was right at the front door.

My view as we walk. We went for a few walks every day.

Every time Coconut and I walk, I have to laugh. I have walked many dogs – both males & females, but Coconut is the champion at spreading his little drops of urine over dozens & dozens of trees, fence posts, blades of grass, rocks, sticks, weeds and anything that was a 1/2 inch higher than the surroundings. It is his walk!

Bye Coconut – see you next time.