It is Coconut Time

Anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile should be familiar with Coconut. He is a little Bichon Frise that I sometimes stay with while his family is out of town. Warning – very cute photos ahead. 🙂 I’ve never been known to ignore other photography possibilities, so I quickly moved on to a… Continue reading It is Coconut Time

Flower Update & a Bird

I haven’t been taking my camera back to the house while going back to clear things out, but I always have my phone and its camera with me.  My Mock Orange is nicely blooming now and the Geranium in the pot on the steps is starting to bloom. I have found that a little Goldfinch… Continue reading Flower Update & a Bird

Mock Orange

I may have mentioned this here before (probably every year about this time), but I really love my Mock Orange when it is in bloom. I bought and planted this bush many years ago and every year it supplies me with it’s beautiful flowers. It is in bloom again and I have pictures for you. … Continue reading Mock Orange

Mock Orange and a Squirrel

My Mock Orange is starting to flower.  It doesn’t look as if it has anywhere near as many buds as usual, but it is still very pretty already. I can’t forget about the squirrel that was chattering at me as I was taking the pictures of the Mock Orange.  I wonder if this is the… Continue reading Mock Orange and a Squirrel

Around the Yard

My Mock Orange is starting to flower.  I love that Mock Orange.  🙂 My Peony is also flowering, but it looks like there will only be one flower this year.  There are other buds, but they don’t look like they are developing at all.  The Peony never does extremely well because it is in shade… Continue reading Around the Yard

Mock Orange

I love my Mock Orange Bush.  I’m just sorry that the flowers only last for about 3 weeks.  We usually end up getting wind or rain which shortens the blooming time though.  I planted it right beside the fort door of my house so I would get the smell of the flowers when it is… Continue reading Mock Orange

This and That

We have a mishmash of pictures today – some taken yesterday and one this morning in the rain.  Yes – my weekend has just begun and the rain is coming down.  My lawn really needs to be cut, but my hours during the work week make it difficult to look after except on weekends. Today… Continue reading This and That

July 2nd

Its nice to book a few extra days for vacation, in order to have time to get life in order again before returning to work.  I’ve had lots of time with the dogs and bird, plus lots of time to catch up on emails and happenings on Africam and load the groceries back up in… Continue reading July 2nd