Winnipeg to Vancouver – Heading for Home – Day 1 & 2

I had not planned on heading for home for a few more days and today was supposed to be the day I went to Vancouver Island to spend a couple of days with my brother Doug and his wife Erin. But, when driving through the mountains on the way west, I noticed a sign that said all cars and trucks MUST use winter tires or chains between Oct 1 and a date in spring. I didn’t have winter tires on my car. They didn’t come with me and are still in Winnipeg.

I was just going to ignore this, since I was already almost to Vancouver, but one of Angie’s friends said that the fines can be very high and even worse would be if it snowed and I found myself at the bottom of a canyon without cell service.

Over the years, I have driven many times on snow or ice covered roads, but not on mountain roads. It also snowed over much of western Canada a couple of days before October 1st.

I reluctantly decided I’d better get back through the mountains and left on September 30th to do so. The southern route got more snow than the northern route, so I took the northern route through.

It was an absolutely perfect day for a gorgeous drive through the mountains. I wanted to stop and stay in Jasper so badly, but didn’t want to take the chance.

The single Elk was all by herself not far from Jasper. She kept looking back and calling, but I didn’t hear any answer. She might have heard a reply though as she then started grazing. The Big Horn Sheep were right on the side of the road not too much further on.

The roads were in excellent shape and the snow was near the roads in only a few spots – otherwise, the fresh white snow on the mountains was beautiful.

As soon as I got out of the mountains, I stopped at the first fair sized town (Hinton) to stay for the night. I thought I might make it to Edmonton, but I had enough driving for the day and I wasn’t in a rush.

From Hinton the next morning, I headed just a few more hundred kilometers along the road to stop at Edmonton. Tomorrow will be a bit longer drive.

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  1. I think, that you took a good choice not to drive in the mountains without snow chains or so, Mavis. It is not funny, if you are not able to either move yourself or call for help.
    Beautiful photos 😀

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