Winnipeg to Vancouver – Heading for Home – Day 1 & 2

I had not planned on heading for home for a few more days and today was supposed to be the day I went to Vancouver Island to spend a couple of days with my brother Doug and his wife Erin. But, when driving through the mountains on the way west, I noticed a sign that… Continue reading Winnipeg to Vancouver – Heading for Home – Day 1 & 2

Winnipeg to Vancouver – Days 3 & 4

Day 3 is a drive from the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast, just outside Riding Mountain National Park and going to Calgary. Google Maps says it is 1,123 km which would take me right to my sister’s home in Calgary. It was still dark when I packed the car up to head out, and the beautiful… Continue reading Winnipeg to Vancouver – Days 3 & 4

Winnipeg to Vancouver

On Monday, I left Winnipeg – heading for Vancouver.  My nephew’s funeral was set for Tuesday morning. This would be my first flight with West Jet and the plane was scheduled to leave Winnipeg at 6:20 am.  I decided to spend the night at the Best Western Hotel very close to the airport, so I… Continue reading Winnipeg to Vancouver

Day 12 – Jasper to Banff

Another beautiful morning and there was no frost on my car windows.  🙂  I took a picture of the mountains from my room in the dark before heading over for breakfast.  Mountains are beautiful even in the dark. For breakfast this morning I had banana bread french toast and it was delicious.  I didn’t stop… Continue reading Day 12 – Jasper to Banff

Day 11 – Jasper

I’m back in Alberta and have frost on my windshield again!  As far as I know, Manitoba hasn’t had frost yet. Of course, I don’t know – but feel the need to complain!  🙂 Once the frost was removed, it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day here in Jasper. I had breakfast at… Continue reading Day 11 – Jasper

Day 10 – Port Coquitlam to Jasper

I got off to an early start on a cloudy, but dry morning today.  Driving east instead of west, means that I get to look right at the bright sun in the early morning instead of afternoon, but I got lucky to have the clouds with me until almost noon.  Then the sun came out… Continue reading Day 10 – Port Coquitlam to Jasper

European Vacation – Innsbrook to Gostling

This morning, it was nice and warm when we woke up, but it was a little foggy as we started out for Vienna. Due to a miscalculation (I think that means we made a wrong turn) we ended up on the wrong road.  We decided to follow this road anyway until we came to a… Continue reading European Vacation – Innsbrook to Gostling

European Vacation – Bern to Frauenfeld

What a surprise – it was still cloudy when we woke up this morning and got ready to leave.  We were still in awe at the beauty in Switzerland – even with all the clouds.  We did wonder if the mountains were being hidden by the clouds, since we still hadn’t seen any at this… Continue reading European Vacation – Bern to Frauenfeld

European Vacation – Heidleberg to Bern

As we were checking out from the pension in Heidleberg, we all got hugs along with tears from the sweet lady who owned it.  She was wishing us a good holiday and cursing the rain clouds.  She was such a lovely lady and it was wonderful to have met her. When we crossed the border… Continue reading European Vacation – Heidleberg to Bern


Nothing too exciting on our walk today.  It was 10C under a sunny sky and there is a possibility of thunderstorms later today.  Bring on the rain – the ground is still very dry! A couple of days ago, I had a photo shoot with Jewel.  We started out on top of her cage, but… Continue reading Jewel