Toby Time

Last week, I spent a couple of days with my big buddy Toby, while his family was out of town.  This guy keeps me moving!  🙂

I took a few pictures to share with everyone.  Too many pictures to show full sized, but you can click on one and scroll through the larger sizes.  He is a very handsome guy!

I also took pictures of the yard and flowers.

And a few more pictures of Toby on the next day.

It was pretty hot during the time I was there, so Toby and I took our morning walks very early each day.   I sure enjoyed the air conditioned comfort of central air.

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    1. Thanks blosslyn – I agree with him being a handsome guy 🙂 We’ve had some really hot weather here too, but the back area is right on the river and I’m guessing that they have been watering the lawn in the yard.

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