Another visit with Buddy & Coconut

Buddy & Coconut’s family went away for a couple of days, so I got to spend time with the little guys again.  Guess who took pictures. 🙂

The boys and I took a couple of walks each day.  The walks are much shorter and much slower than my walks with Toby – but the walks are always for the dog’s benefit.  Going is very slow when they have to sniff every blade of grass or tree trunk and then take turns peeing on it.   🙂  Of course, we varied the route, so there were always new blades of grass to sniff.  🙂

We spent quite a bit of time relaxing in the yard each day.  The heat that we had been having lately had disappeared and it was comfortable sitting outside again.

As usual, I took pictures of any critters I saw, so when a hawk type bird perched on a tree, I zoomed in on him. and when a Chickadee landed on a wire above my head, I took pictures of him.

The hawk-type bird may be a Merlin.  He didn’t turn to show me his face or front.  The Chickadee must be my buddy St. Peanut.  🙂

Then there were the bunnies.  Coconut chased them when he saw any in the yard, but I took these pictures from inside.

There are 2 different bunnies here – the first one has a notch on his right ear.  He also has a white spot on his head.  The 2nd one has perfect ears, but he didn’t look my way to show if he also has a white spot on his head or not.

I also took one picture of the 2 boys (Buddy & Coconut) in their usual position, looking out the window.   I have very similar ones taken last time I was there.

IMG_E0879 (555x800)


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  1. That’s too bad Sue. We have many predators in the city and they will be thriving on the extra bunnies this year. Living in the city are several hawks, owls, falcons, coyotes and foxes along with all the streets where they can be hit by cars. Generally after a high peak in numbers, they normally take a large drop.


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