Another visit with Buddy & Coconut

Buddy & Coconut’s family went away for a couple of days, so I got to spend time with the little guys again.  Guess who took pictures. 🙂 The boys and I took a couple of walks each day.  The walks are much shorter and much slower than my walks with Toby – but the walks… Continue reading Another visit with Buddy & Coconut

Back to Some Critters

I have been very lax at keeping up with the critters in the neighbourhood.  For some reason, I often even forget my camera when Chester and I head out for our walks- so I don’t have many pictures – but I do have a few. I haven’t had time to figure out the bird that… Continue reading Back to Some Critters

Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

OK – so snow was forecast for Saturday, but I sure didn’t request snow on the weekend.  Actually, I had plans to do some yard cleanup – but now the mess is all buried and will have to wait for next weekend. This year 90% (approximately)of the mess is going to be in one area. … Continue reading Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

Birds Everywhere

Chester and I had a great walk this morning and saw lots of birds from the Canada Geese flying overhead to the pair of Robins to the Gull on the Red River and then the pair of hawks I saw mating.  The only pictures I managed were of the Gull and the Hawks – but… Continue reading Birds Everywhere