Bears will be Bears

The Polar Bears at the Assiniboine Park Zoo were having lots of fun yesterday. The 2 main participants in this wrestling match are Storm and York and then Willow makes an appearance at the end as she very slowly slid down the hill towards them.

I could have stayed and watched them much longer, but I do have some duties while volunteering (other than enjoying myself).

The Polar Bears at The Assiniboine Park Zoo are all rescues from the Churchill area. All but Storm are orphans and would not have survived on their own. Storm was young, but was old enough to survive, except that he had developed the bad habit of of being in the town of Churchill where he was getting into trouble. He probably would have been shot if they had not decided to bring him to Winnipeg as they could not allow that to continue.

I took one more photo later while wandering through the Kinsmen Discover Centre.

What a beautiful Provost’s Squirrel

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Go to and take a look to see if this might be something you would enjoy. We add new volunteers every spring.

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  1. Thanks Sue – they sure are gorgeous and I love that this exhibit was built to save these threatened animals. Their exhibit is huge with hills & valleys & pools to play in.

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