Sardis Park/Pond

On a local Chilliwack Facebook page, I found out about a beautiful little Park with a huge pond to visit. It is Sardis Park and the pond is Sardis Pond. There are walking trails around the park and around the pond, so I started off with 2 loops of the pond and the next day did 3 loops. I took a fair number of photos, but won’t show all of them here today.

The turtles in the pond are a mixture of Red-eared Sliders (that were imported and common as pets many years ago) and the Western Painted Turtle (native to Canada)

This is a beautiful location, but the algae is taking over this year. I talked to several people and many of them feel that either Muskrats or Otters have moved in and are killing the birds, turtles & fish. I’m pretty sure it would not be Muskrats, but Otters could certainly be responsible for some of this if they are there. At the very least, they would have likely eaten the ducks eggs which would explain why there are not many ducklings in the area (I saw 1 duckling with a turtle.)

There is a beautiful white Crow along with several regular black crows living there. I couldn’t resist the little red Dragon Fly when he stopped to pose for a photo.

More of the Beautiful Great Blue Heron.

I was told by another walker at the park that there is a Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve not too far from the park. Guess who is going to have to go there one day. 🙂

I was surprised to see this little duckling swim up to the log and jump up beside the turtle. I did not see any other ducklings or any of the adult ducks even looking at the little guy.

Just another view of the park from across the water.

I decided to squeeze in 2 more duckling photos and another of the beautiful white Crow before ending this.

More to come in the next few days.

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  1. Love the turtles, Mavis. I am Foxy Grandma from Walking4Fun, just checking in to see where you walk IRL.


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