RMNP – part 3 – May, 2022

I continued to drive aimlessly throughout the park – stopping for photos and to just enjoy the views. I decided to head back to Wasagaming where I could get myself something to eat. I was glad to see the bakery was open so I had a wonderful & very filling lunch. Then I walked over to the dock to walk out on it.

I headed back out again and stopped at Spruces. I found this lovely fish hook in a tree. I couldn’t reach it or I would have removed it before it catches an unsuspecting bird flying by.

The male Common Goldeneye turned his back on me, but I like the way the photo turned out anyway.

Next stop was the Wishing Well. The water is higher and faster running through there than usual due to the extra snow dump and rain, but I was hoping to find the Suckers spawning. I have seen them before, but this year they are late.

I only managed photos of 2 White Suckers – but I did see 3 of them together at one point. I also saw several small minnows, but no idea what species they were.

Some information on the White Suckers is posted near the streams.

Next were a couple of Black Bears (but not together), to end today’s post.

The bears are all frantically eating as there was really no food available for them when they came out of hibernation this year and they are very hungry. The bear on the right stopped eating long enough to show me his lovely yellow ear tag.

That is all for this post – tomorrow I should have one last one.

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