RMNP – part 2 – May 2022

After I left Moon Lake, I headed south and turned into Lake Audy Road to see how far I could go. The Mallard Duck and the White-tailed Deer photos were taken right on #10 highway.

This Mallard Duck was looking mighty handsome and the 3 White-tailed Deer kept eating while I snapped a quick photo.

The 2 different Teals were found in one of the little ponds just beside the Lake Audy Road. The Green-winged Teal kept his back turned to me, but I love the beautiful colours on his head.

I headed back up north and again stopped at Moon Lake. Barn Swallows were out and moving around. They nest in the cook shack. The windows are mostly covered, but one is open, so the birds can fly in and out. The first 2 Swallows were inside and I stood outside and shot this through the window. Then I walked a bit further and found 3 of them sitting outside on a ledge – so took another photo. They are such pretty little birds.

The Boreal Trail is one of my favourite trails – but due to the storms & flooding, all the trails except maybe one that had been worked on, are closed. I could drive in and walk to the lookout though. So, I took a few photos.

As I am driving and stopping for photos, I wonder if this will be my last time visiting Riding Mountain National Park. I am planning a move out of Manitoba to the west coast this summer where they do not get the harsh Manitoba winters. I have had enough of these winters!

I was thinking of driving back to RMNP in June, but suspect that the roads I love to drive will still not be open. I won’t go there in the extremely busy summer. I prefer the quiet off-season visits and it does start to get busy in June.

There is so much work to be done on both the roads and the trails & possibly the bridges on those roads.

I still have to find a place to live in British Columbia. Everything available for rent currently is for immediate occupancy, but my lease in Winnipeg has me here until the end of August – although I might leave in early August.

There are amazing places to take gorgeous photos and there are different birds and mammals than what I am used to here – so I am excited about this move.

More photos from this trip coming up tomorrow.