A Drive through Birds Hill Park

It was a sunny, but chilly day this morning when I decided to drive out to Birds Hill Park, which is just north of the city.  It is free entry into Provincial Parks in February so it seemed like a good day to go. I  realized that I wasn’t dressed warm enough to go on… Continue reading A Drive through Birds Hill Park

Nice Day for a Walk

Thursday was a beautiful day here with the sun shining and the temperatures around the 0C mark.  Generally the weather in January is more in the -30C to -40C and I only go outside when necessary. I have to take advantage of the nice weather, and where better to go than Fort Whyte Alive in… Continue reading Nice Day for a Walk

Fort Whyte Alive in the Afternoon

My trips to Fort Whyte Alive have always been first thing in the morning – but yesterday, I had something to do in the area later in the day and decided to have lunch there and hang around until it was time to go.  This way I would avoid the construction on Bishop Grandin Blvd… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive in the Afternoon

White-tailed Deer

As I mentioned yesterday, Chester and I found a couple of White-tailed Deer at Birds Hill Park.  I was driving past the parking lot for a trail named White-tail Deer Trail and I glanced in (as I always do), but this time I saw 2 deer on the trail. I was already past it by… Continue reading White-tailed Deer


After the scare Chester gave us in early December, it looks like he is responding to the increased meds and we hopefully have the seizures under control now.  It has only been 12 days since his last seizures, so we’re not out of the woods yet, but I am feeling much more confidant  now that… Continue reading Chester

Something Different

By something different, I mean we didn’t walk along the Red River today.  🙂  It is cold (3C and feels like -2C) and drizzling and windy but we went to Birds Hill Park – just north of the city in the hopes of finding deer.  Also, yesterday afternoon, we drove back to Lockport in case… Continue reading Something Different