Back to the Greater Vancouver Zoo for a Walk

One of the nice things about walking around the zoo is that the paths are in great shape regardless of the weather. Many trails can get muddy and difficult to walk on.

As usual, I started out by going left and walking up to where the Lions & Tiger are. The Lions were not visible, but the Tiger certainly was and she was quite entertaining.

She is absolutely gorgeous and she was making faces at me as she walked towards me.

When I have grouped photos (& even some of the single photos), you can click on them to see a larger image.

The Black Jaguars were next. One is looking for the Snow Leopards in the next enclosure and the other certainly has (his/her) eyes locked on me.

The Giraffes also had their eyes on me. They were all over at the far fence and almost immediately came right to me. They were watching me as much as I was watching them.

They don’t appear to have a lot of visitors during this time of the year. Almost all the people I saw were moms pushing strollers and they were they there to meet friends and have a safe place to walk. The ones who had toddlers would stop at the exhibits, but the stroller moms, just walked and talked.

Hippos were together, but the other one is directly behind this one with his back turned this way. So, I just got the one this time.

There was a flock of about a dozen of this tiny birds flying around a couple of trees. I kept snapping – hoping to get a decent photo so I could figure out what they were. This was the best I could get, but enough to identify it as a Golden-crowned Warbler.

I got one decent shot of one of the Snow Leopards. The other 2 were up on a stand and hard to see.

The White-tail Deer were in view this day and this is the first time I’ve see a Buck.

The Ring-tail Lemurs even gave me a pose. 🙂

Last, but certainly not least was this adorable baby Alpaca with Mom. The little one was very shy, but after a few minutes of me standing there & talking, he/she became interest in what I was doing and came for a closer look. Since Mom wasn’t worried, it seemed to be ok, I guess. The little one didn’t stray far from Mom though.