Sunny Morning at Chem Lake Wetlands

We have had a few cloudy and/or rainy days lately, and when I saw the forecast was for sunshine I decided to head out to Chem Lake Wetlands for my walk. It was so beautiful in the sun!

This was the view from my apartment as the sun was about to rise over the mountains.

A Couple of views from the still frozen lake. The sun hadn’t made it past the mountains yet by the time I arrived.

I decided to start my walk on the loop around the wetlands this time.

The sun is still in hiding, but it will be out soon. Last time I went on this trail, I went right, so this time I went left. It is a loop so it doesn’t really matter.

As you can see, there is still plenty of ice here.

There were a couple of spots where the trail was very slippery, but I got past them and still got some photos.

Yippee – the sun made it over the mountains just as I finished the loop.

Spotted Towhee

The sun sure brings out the colours of nature.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Morning at Chem Lake Wetlands

  1. A belated observation about the red-tailed hawks: our neighborhood specimen has made his presence known all over the area here! A few days after I heard him in the woods last year, he showed up in a friend’s backyard, then another friend’s backyard, beating up on the bird feeder right next to his live streaming cam! In another absolutely surreal encounter, I saw and heard him again, then stopped to talk to some neighbors and heard what I thought was the hawk, only to be told that one of the neighbors has a parrot who does an excruciatingly realistic impersonation of that hawk eating something in distress! And then yesterday, he buzz bombed me as I was walking up the hill to get my mail! Didn’t come too close, but I heard him go right over my head and land in the tree about 25 yards away! I have a telephone picture of him, but it is not a good picture, certainly nothing like the qualities shots you take, Mavis! And I was still shaking a little bit …

    Working my way back into shape on the CDT now with about 10% left. Hope the West Coast weather continues to please there! Cheers, Stumblebum

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    1. Glad you’re getting closer to the end of the CDT Stumblebum. I’ve only got 35 miles left on Mount Blanc so will have to soon plan my next one. Stay healthy and try to stay out of the way of that hawk!


      1. I’ll do my best on both counts, with an eye to the sky, now Big Red knows where I live! All the best to you and yours! Cheers, SB


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