Looking out my Window

It isn’t very warm out here this morning (2C), but when the sun shines it doesn’t feel too bad. I have my window wide open and leaned out to take a few photos this morning. I took my camera to the window this morning because I heard Canada Geese and saw 2 of them that… Continue reading Looking out my Window

It is Officially COLD here

Five years ago when I wrote the stories about driving to Texas to get away from the cold temperatures here, it wasn’t even as cold as it is now. I thought the -23C with a windchill of -30C was cold though. This year at about the same time, we have been getting several extreme cold… Continue reading It is Officially COLD here

European Vacation – Home Again

As expected, it was another cold and uncomfortable night on the train.  Added to the cold and uncomfortable seats, was the night porter who had to come and yell at the guys behind me a couple of times – once for turning their chairs around and putting their feet up and once for taking their… Continue reading European Vacation – Home Again

European Vacation – Ontario

After a very cold and uncomfortable night we were into Ontario, Canada.  I didn’t get any sleep at all.  We had day coach tickets where we can put our seats back and sleep right there, but I hadn’t thought of needing a blanket in August.  The seats were not comfortable for sleeping either – but… Continue reading European Vacation – Ontario

European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 9

It was completely calm today – but still cool and cloudy.  The ship slowed down to a crawl so we wouldn’t get to Montreal too soon, since we were ahead of schedule. We listened to our last morning concert after breakfast and then I ran into my Florida buddy Gengiz, who gave me his address… Continue reading European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 9

European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 8

It was calm and sunny this morning, but still cold.  We’re in sight of  Canada now – Newfoundland was in view all day. We were just finishing breakfast when they announced that we were approaching icebergs, so we all rushed out to take pictures.  🙂  (I guess the picture I posted a few days ago,… Continue reading European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 8

The Best Road Trip

Most if the trips I have taken have been road trips – but I guess the best one was the longest one.  The question from word press today was: Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken. Bonus: If you’re feeling all glass half empty, the worst road trip. Or describe a road trip you’d… Continue reading The Best Road Trip