My Daughter Came to Visit

Several years ago, my daughter Angela packed her bags and headed west. She hated Winnipeg (often called Winterpeg – for good reasons). It is not unusual for temperatures during the winter to get to a low of -40 (which is the same temperature in both C & F. Combined with a nasty wind much of the time, it can actually be dangerous to go out. We have block heaters in our cars and if we plug it in when parked, it can keep the engine just warm enough to start – but not always. Batteries often don’t last long in cars here because of the extreme cold. The only good thing about these temperatures is that it usually does not snow when it gets much below -35C.

Although I traveled to Angela’s new home a couple of times to visit, she was determined to never return to Winnipeg. This last winter was a bad one with lots of extreme cold days and then lots of snowy days in between the nasty cold days. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I am making plans to move west also.

Next thing I know is that she decided to come back home for a visit and she was bringing her dog Squish and her cat Zazu. I had met Squish on my visits, but Zazu I have just known through photos and stories told about him.

Angela and I ate at a couple of restaurants that we both enjoy – Red Lobster and Good Earth – and (of course) I ate much too much! She had several friends who she wanted to see, so she had a busy few days here. She is back home now, but in a little over 2 months, I’ll be heading her direction and starting my life away from the extreme cold and snowy winters.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of Angela, but both Squish and Zazu agreed to pose for a few photos.

WordPress has cropped some of the photos to fit, but you can click on one to see the full photo.

I have to say that Angela has done a wonderful job with these two. They take new things in stride and are both friendly – willing to do anything she asks of them.

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  1. My furry family and I will miss you so much but I know you will love the west coast. I got my CNIB puppy on Wednesday, male black lab 8 weeks named Panda.

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    1. Thanks Sue – Squish was a rescue and I think he melted everyone’s heart with his great personality. Angela took him as a foster dog and ended up as a foster failure by keeping him. Zazu was born in her apartment because she had taken Zazu’s pregnant mother in to foster her until the kittens were ready to go. Both her and Squish loved Zazu – so he stayed.

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