Winnipeg to Vancouver – Day 2

Even though it was cloudy this morning, I headed to Grayling Lake to see about a sunrise photo. Today is a bonus already even with the clouds because the forecast said rain all day and it isn’t raining,

It also wasn’t going to show me a sunrise – but even without the sun, the early morning sky reflected into the water at Grayling was beautiful.

Then, north to Moon Lake for a look around.

I drove into the Boreal Trail to take a look around and saw BLUE SKY! I also took a few photos of the beginning of the walk. If I am not actually walking the trail, I still always walk to the tree where last year I met the one and only Pine Marten that I have ever seen and I did that today. He was so cute. If you want to see the photos I took that day, just search Pine Marten in the search box on this page.

Next stop was the Bison Enclosure and the herd was easily found.

Yesterday I had driven to the Laud Audy dam, but there were people honking the horn on a car and a group of people having fun along the water’s edge, so there was no sight of any wildlife at all. This morning there wasn’t much – and there were some people (with cameras – so quiet people) there. It was pleasant visiting with them and we did see a couple of Swans and a White-tailed Deer in the distance.

The Swans both looked the other way when I clicked. They were a long way away too.

After leaving the dam, I found a Northern Flicker high in a tree and managed one shot of him before take-off. Then I spotted a little Kestrel in a tree. The perch was perfect for a few quick shots.

It has been years since I have seen a Kestrel – back then I believe they were known as Sparrow Hawks.

Still with birds, I then found a Red-tail Hawk perched but not in a great location. He took off after 1 photo and I barely managed to keep him in the frame for a flight shot. He certainly isn’t in the right spot in the frame, but it is better than nothing.

Driving back to Wasagaming for lunch, I found another Black Bear family. These 3 babies look almost full grown, but are still with Mom.

If you remember Layla from day 1, I ran into her and her parents again today and I tried to retake her jump from the dock while zoomed in more. This showed that obviously my other shot was a very lucky one and I could not even come close.

To finish off today’s post, I was driving past the same spot where Layla swims when I saw a Sea Gull land on the dock. I stopped to take a photo and when I looked at it, I noticed a Cormorant at the end of the dock, so I took a couple more of the Cormorant. 🙂

The last photo is certainly a “Who you looking at?” comment.

The next couple of days, I expect to be doing a lot of driving and very little (if any) photo taking.

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