A Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

Although we really do need rain here, I am quite willing to wander trails when It is warm & dry – so on this warm and dry day, I headed out to Oak Hammock Marsh for a walk. First stop was the parking lot at the main entrance where you can access the trails around… Continue reading A Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

A Windy Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

I had a few possibilities as to where I would go today, but I knew it had to be out of the city. Since the provincial parks are open, my first thought was the Whiteshell Provincial Park as it has been years since I have been there. It is a little over an hour to… Continue reading A Windy Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

Winnipeg to Vancouver – Day 2

Even though it was cloudy this morning, I headed to Grayling Lake to see about a sunrise photo. Today is a bonus already even with the clouds because the forecast said rain all day and it isn’t raining, It also wasn’t going to show me a sunrise – but even without the sun, the early… Continue reading Winnipeg to Vancouver – Day 2

Winnipeg to Vancouver – day 1, part 1

As if it isn’t far enough to go from Winnipeg to Vancouver, I decided to take a detour on day 1 and go to Riding Mountain National Park. It isn’t much good coming here just for a few hours, so I booked 2 nights here. 🙂 The drive here was uneventful. I drove the Trans… Continue reading Winnipeg to Vancouver – day 1, part 1

European Vacation – Amsterdam to Hamburg

Today was the day to start traveling and use the car we had rented, but before leaving we decided to visit Anne Frank’s house.  It was only about 3 blocks from our hotel.  So after our breakfast, we loaded the car and walked over to see it.  I didn’t take any pictures and I don’t… Continue reading European Vacation – Amsterdam to Hamburg

Swans and Lions

I saw swans flying by yesterday when walking Chester.  It was a quick glimpse and since I had no idea swans even came around here, I at first doubted what I knew I saw.  🙂  I tried to convince myself that maybe these were Snow Geese, but I know what a goose looks like in… Continue reading Swans and Lions