Winnipeg to Vancouver – day 1, part 1

As if it isn’t far enough to go from Winnipeg to Vancouver, I decided to take a detour on day 1 and go to Riding Mountain National Park. It isn’t much good coming here just for a few hours, so I booked 2 nights here. 🙂

The drive here was uneventful. I drove the Trans Canada highway #1 from Winnipeg until turning north-west onto the Yellowhead highway #13 and then onto highway #19 which would take me directly into the park, through the east gate entrance.

First sighting was a trio of beautiful White-tailed Deer – a mom and her 2 almost grown fawns. They were on a turn of the road ahead and I stopped to zoom in on them. They knew I was there, but because I was a good distance away, they were not disturbed by my presence – although they kept an eye on me – especially mom.

I took a lot of photos of them, but narrowed the selection to put here by several. Word Press crops the photos in the gallery, but if you click on the first one, you can scroll through full size images.

Whirlpool Lake is a nice place to stop and visit and since it is finally re-opened after a closure due to the finding of zebra mussels, I turned in to check it out this visit.

Then I pulled into the overlook area and took a couple of photos there.

Highway # 19 comes to an end at Highway #10, which goes the full length of the park and when I reached #10, I turned to head for the Wishing Well road. I stopped to look around & found a couple of people with their dog Layla and I soon found out that Layla is a water dog. My Dakota was the only water dog I’ve ever had, so it was fun watching Layla in and out and fetching her toy from the water. I took some photos of her. 🙂

If Layla’s owners see this and want full size versions of these photos, I will be more than happy to send them.

The flowers at the Wishing Well, were still beautiful (although many have been removed already due to the weather).

After lunch, I took a walk out the pier at the main beach before heading over to the Bed & Breakfast to get checked in.

Tomorrow morning I plan on heading out early to see what I can find. I will also continue with today’s post, with part 2 to come.