July 6 and 7 – Riding Mountain National Park

I had been back home for almost a month and found that I was missing seeing critters and being in nature.  I could tell from the posts on the Riding Mountain National Park Facebook page that there were plenty of baby critters being seen there and decided I should see some Canadian critters and hopefully… Continue reading July 6 and 7 – Riding Mountain National Park

The Birds at Lockport

I took a drive to Lockport this morning to see how the ice was on the Red River at the locks today.  Not much ice around there, but some Gulls, Geese, Crow and a  Bald Eagle entertained me while I looked. First – a co-operative Gull posed for me – then a Crow flew overhead.… Continue reading The Birds at Lockport

A Day Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – Nov 9

It is a long way to go for a day trip – although not as far as it was to Churchill for my day trip there – but the flight time to Churchill was less than the drive time to RMNP. Anyway – the weather here is just so gorgeous, that I had to take… Continue reading A Day Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – Nov 9

I Went Birding

Birds are fascinating.  I look at them and try to take pictures of them all the time – but ask me what I saw, I am am often not quite sure.  I usually know what type of bird it was, but trying to narrow down to the particular bird is very hard to do. I… Continue reading I Went Birding

The Gull and The Duck

Near where I found the duck bump on the log, I found a gull the other day.  He was very cooperative and posed nicely for me so I took a few pictures of him before I noticed that the Mallard Duck was still being a wonderful bump on the log. The duck had been behind… Continue reading The Gull and The Duck

My 1000th Post

When I opened Word Press this morning I saw that I had 999 posts, which means this one is my 1,000th blog post.  Time flies when you’re having fun. Today’s pictures are from May 1st, which was Chester’s 10th birthday.  That is the day we woke up to a white ground after it had snowed… Continue reading My 1000th Post

Gull and a Sparrow

A couple of days ago, I saw a gull floating on the Red River when Chester and I went for our walk.   Of course, it was a long way away and hard to see, but the camera did a pretty good job of getting it close enough to see him.  I don’t know what kind… Continue reading Gull and a Sparrow