More on my Vehicle

It has now been more than a week since my aborted trip to Riding Mountain National Park. My vehicle was in the shop from Thursday, when I returned home until Tuesday. The problem was the timing chain along with some damage done by the timing chain. The dealership (Murray Chev Olds) where I originally purchased… Continue reading More on my Vehicle

In Reality

In case you didn’t catch the words ‘virtual trip’ in my trip to Dallas – this is a confession that I did not leave Winnipeg and stayed in the frigid temperatures with way too much snow.  Chester and I had our walks in -20’s C temperatures with the ‘feels like’ temperatures in the -30’sC.  Normal… Continue reading In Reality

January 7th

Lots of running around here today.   Temperature wasn’t bad (-19C low to -12C high), but there was quite a nasty wind earlier. I had some Africam viewing time while eating breakfast at the Boma Virtual Cafe run by Howwa and then watched some more until my daughter was ready to take her car in to… Continue reading January 7th