More on my Vehicle

It has now been more than a week since my aborted trip to Riding Mountain National Park. My vehicle was in the shop from Thursday, when I returned home until Tuesday. The problem was the timing chain along with some damage done by the timing chain.

The dealership (Murray Chev Olds) where I originally purchased the car and where I have always taken it for service, sent an Uber to pick me up so they could let me use a loaner while they worked on it. I did have several plans that had previously been set up for the time the car would be there, and after checking bus schedules, I had been thinking of cancelling some of them – so the loaner was appreciated. In place of my Cobalt, I had a Cruze – which I enjoyed for the time I had it. It felt good to get back into mine when it was fixed though. They even cleaned my car – inside and outside.

This incident really took a bite out of my budget – so I’ll have to watch my spending for awhile.

I had a nice view of the moon a couple of days ago. Being on a lower level apartment than my last one and having trees in the way, didn’t hamper my moon viewing – I just had to zoom between the branches & leaves.

I took a couple of trips to Fort Whyte Alive one day, so will have lots of photos to show you in the next couple of days. Here are a few to interest you though.