A Quicker Trip to Riding Mountain than Planned – part 2

Today I’ll fill in some of the blanks from yesterday’s post – just for something different. ๐Ÿ™‚

After I found out that the car shouldn’t be driven, I called Cindy at the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast to cancel my 2 nights. Soon after that I found out that the car wouldn’t be towed until the next day, so I phoned back to re-book one night. This time I talked to Anne and after booking me back in, she offered to drive there, pick me up and take me to the Honeycomb.

After getting signed into the room, I decided to go for a walk – a long walk in the hopes of walking away my frustrations with the car. Of course, I walked with my camera and snapped several photos on my way to Onanole (3 km away)

Another 3 km walk and I was back at the Honeycomb B&B. ๐Ÿ™‚ I picked up a quick lunch in Onanole and ate it while walking.

At dinnertime, I was invited to have a bowl of an amazing home made soup. I’m going to have to start making soup – this was delicious. Anne also offered to take me for a drive in the park to see if we could find some critters starting to move around just before dark. We found one Black Bear eating near to the road and later found a Black Bear with 3 little cubs. We only got a quick glimpse of them and I managed 1 photo of a small cub looking our way.

The next morning, I stood out in the yard to take photos of the beautiful sunrise. After breakfast, Cindy drove me back to Erickson, so I could make the arrangement to have the car towed home.

I had time to walk around Erickson and take some photos. It looks like the Trans Canada Trail passes by here – so now I have officially walked on it.

I have noticed over the years that people in small towns are always very friendly. I talked to a few people – a couple of ladies walking their dogs (& of course, I had to talk to and pet the dogs). Afterwards a young boy started telling me about his low-budget movie that he was planning on making. It was something about Sonic, but Sonic wasn’t in the movie.

The tow truck arrived and the car was soon ready for the drive back to Winnipeg. The young man was very efficient and the trip was made without any problems. Now I just have to wait until the service department calls me after they assess the problem(s) and hopefully I can be driving myself around again soon.